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Clucks and Chooks is an online guide on how to keep chickens for eggs and as pets.


This site has been designed to offer tips, advice and a guide to keeping hens. When I started out on the daunting task of preparing for life as a hen keeper (for eggs and as pets) I struggled to find information on the web and often found myself submitting questions on hen keeping to numerous forums. I am in no way an expert but I want to offer nuggets of advice which I have picked up along the way on areas which I have experienced and had to deal with. Hopefully you'll find this of some use.

With the recent recession affecting a lot of people, self-sufficiency is becoming more of a popular thing and keeping chickens can offer a valuable source of food and nutrition whether its from the eggs they produce or the chicken themselves.

more info on how to keep chickens

Guide to keeping chickens

Everything you need to know about keeping chickens.
We have created a guide which offers advice on how to feed chickens, house chickens, selecting the right breed for you, things you need to consider before getting chickens, what to do if they become ill and so much more.


An introduction to keeping chickens
Here are a few tips for anyone who is considering keeping chickens and how to get started. more


General guide on how to care for your chickens
Guides on feeding, handling, wing-clipping, daily tasks and protection from predators. more


Egg recipes
Click here on how you can put your eggs to good use. more

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The Right Way to Keep Chickens
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Top Tip

Use up egg shells!
Bake your eggshells in the oven for about 15 mins. Then crush them when cooled and add to the chicken feed. This provides your chickens with a good source of calcium!